Reef Brite XHO LED Strip Light Natural Daylight

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Reef Brite XHO High Power LED Natural Daylight bars offer a captivating blend of clean aesthetics and exceptional product design, elevating the allure of any aquatic biotope. At Reef Brite, we thrive on innovation, crafting exquisite lighting solutions and aquatic environment enhancements. Our XHO High Power LED bars embody state-of-the-art LED replacement technology, setting new standards in brilliance and performance.

Comes in different sizes 15", 24", 30", 36", 48", 60" and 72"


Reef Brite XHO LED Natural Day Light

Reef Brite XHO High Power LED bars combine sleek design with exceptional product functionality, elevating the allure of any aquatic biotope. At Reef Brite, innovation is ingrained in our DNA. We strive to craft extraordinary lighting and aquatic environment solutions, leveraging cutting-edge LED replacement technology in our acclaimed Reef Brite XHO High Power LED bars.

Utilizing 3 Watts XHO LEDS

Our XHO LED units are an excellent choice for replacing T5HO or VHO lighting, offering superior performance and output with 3-watt LED technology. These versatile units are perfect for replacing standard strip lights or creating custom lighting systems. Reef Brite LED lights are uniquely designed with an optimized reflector system, minimizing glare and providing a high-definition light source that beautifully enhances the vibrant colors of your aquarium. Experience the ripple effect produced by our LED units, which mimic the natural sunlight as it penetrates the ocean and tropical waters, offering observers an enjoyable and immersive viewing experience while maintaining a captivating shimmer.

Made With Strong Aluminum 

Reef Brite's XHO LED fixtures are crafted from lightweight extruded aluminum, boasting a sleek low-profile design that allows for versatile installation. Perfect for display tanks, aquarium sumps, and refugiums, these fixtures deliver Xtreme performance at an affordable price point.

Create your own Xtreme High Output LED lighting system by combining multiple units. With a stylish black anodized housing and a high-performance reflector system, XHO LEDs are the preferred choice of professionals.

They are proudly assembled in the U.S.A. Our cable adapter kit (sold separately) ensures compatibility with popular LED timers, while APEX controllers with our APEX certified LED Interface enable seamless control.


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Reef Brite XHO LED Strip Light Natural Daylight