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Reef Breeders Auto Top Off

The Reef Breeders Exo-ATO (External ATO) stands out as one of the pioneering ATO systems that keeps all the electronics outside your aquarium. By mounting the controller and sensor on the external side of the glass, and using a small magnetic ring to indicate water level, it ensures minimal intrusion inside your sump. With a sleek design of just a 1/2" thick x 1" diameter ring, it effortlessly fits into clear acrylic or glass sumps.

Fully Self Contained

The Reef Breeders Exo-ATO offers a compact, all-in-one solution. With the controller, sensor, and backup functions contained in a single central unit, simplicity is key. Just one plug for power in, and another for power out to the included pump. No more mounting controllers in your aquarium stand or dealing with intrusive sensors in your sump. Experience a streamlined setup without compromising functionality.

All-in-One Auto Top-off

The Reef Breeders Exo-ATO is an all-inclusive package that equips you with everything you need to get started - just add water! This system includes the sensor/magnet lens pair, a small DC power supply, a pump, tubing, and a tubing holder that fits most sump trims. It can also be seamlessly integrated into the return chamber of all-in-one aquariums 20g or larger. Specifically designed for clear glass or acrylic up to 0.20 inches (5mm) in thickness.


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