Kessil LED Aquarium Lights

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Kessil Aquarium Lighting

Browse our catalog of Kessil aquarium lighting featuring the finest selection of LED lights, fixtures, modules, adapters, and more. Browse Kessil lighting products including the AP700, A360, A160, and A80 aquarium lights. Kessil is a leader in the world of aquatic lighting, designing and building their own lighting products to ensure top-notch quality.

Kessil Saltwater Aquarium Lighting 

Kessil aquarium lighting comes in five different types of light they are as follows: AP9X, A500X, A360X, A160WE, and A80 lighting.

AP9X Lighting

The AP9X offers exceptional lighting capabilities. Its redesigned optics ensure even distribution of light, enveloping your aquarium with up to 48 inches of coverage. This uniform illumination minimizes hotspots and creates an effect reminiscent of a metal halide / T5 combo.

A500X Tuna Blue Lighting

The A500X is an impressive 185W high-intensity LED light that is specifically designed for coral growers. This cutting-edge fixture combines the latest Dense Matrix LED technology with the proprietary Kessil Logic, resulting in a concentrated light with a perfectly blended spectrum. This optimal light spectrum promotes the growth, health, and vibrant coloration of SPS corals. Additionally, the flagship A500 offers adjustable beam options with optional 35 and 55-degree reflectors, allowing SPS corals to thrive in various environments.

A360X Tuna Blue Lighting

The A360X aquarium light by Kessil is a low profile with advanace color control paired with smart communications which is compitable with Kessil WiFi Dongle.

A160WE Tuna Blue Lighting

The A160X Tuna Blue saltwater light offers breathtaking shimmer that perfectly emulates the natural sunlight found on the ocean floor, creating an unparalleled visual experience. Kessil Logic™ maintains consistent output across the spectrum. 10,000K to Actinic.

A80 Tuna Blue Aquarium Lighting

The latest addition to Kessil's line of aquarium lights is the Kessil Tuna Blue A80 LED. Although it has half the intensity of the A160, it still includes all the features, colors, and control knobs. This particular A80 model (the Tuna Blue) is designed for reef tanks.

Kessil Freshwater Aquarium Lighting

Kessil has three products for your Freshwater Tank which are the A360X Tuna Sun, A160WE Tuna Sun, and A80 Tuna Sun. 

  1. A350X Tuna Sun 
  2. A160WE Tuna Sun 
  3. A80 Tuna Sun

Kessil LED Refugium Lightng

Kessil currently three options for your Refugium tank which is the following 

  1. A360X Refugium
  2. H160 Tuna Flora
  3. H80 Tuna Flora
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