AquaIllumination Blade Coral Grow (12" 21" 30" 39" 48" 57" 66")

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The Blade Grow provides a lot of power in a slim design. Coral Grow has an LED blend that enhances the spectral peaks essential for coral photosynthesis. The Grow output provides great value with an exceptional overall PAR. You can use the Grow alone or pair it with the Blade Glow for even better results.

Aquaillimination Blade Coral Grow 

Introducing the AquaIllumination Blade Coral Grow – the perfect lighting solution for coral enthusiasts of all levels. Available in seven different sizes (12", 21", 30", 39", 48", 57", and 66"), this lighting fixture is designed to enhance and optimize coral growth in aquariums.

Blade Coral Grow Features

The Blade Coral Grow features advanced LED technology that delivers high-intensity lighting in a sleek and stylish design. Equipped with multiple color channels, it provides a wide spectrum of light to mimic natural sunlight, promoting the healthy growth and vibrant colors of your coral reef.

Customizable Lighting Settings

With its customizable lighting settings, the AquaIllumination Blade Coral Grow allows you to create the perfect environment for your coral. Adjust the intensity and color combinations to match your desired lighting preferences, or take advantage of the pre-programmed modes for convenience and ease of use

Installing the Blade Coral Grow is a breeze, thanks to its versatile mounting options. Whether you prefer to suspend it above your aquarium or attach it directly to a canopy, this lighting fixture offers flexibility and stability.


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AquaIllumination Blade Coral Grow (12" 21" 30" 39" 48" 57" 66")