AI Prime 16HD Freshwater LED Module

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The Prime Freshwater is the capable LED you know and love, now with a spectrumperfect for your planted tanks.

AI Prime 16HD Freshwater LED Module

Introducing the Freshwater LED Module: The Prime Freshwater offers an endless array of spectral combinations tailored to meet the specific requirements of your tank. Experience unparalleled versatility and precision to fulfill your aquarium's exact needs.

AI Prime Fuge delivers a perfect balance of power and spread.

Simple Built-in Control

The AI 16HD Freshwater includes custom-designed 80-degree lenses, ensuring over 90% optical efficiency and improved color blending. Additionally, it features built-in smart control, allowing easy setup and programming through the myAI® app on any iOS or Android device.


  • Length: 4.88in
  • Width: 4.88in
  • Height: 1.34inc
  • Weight: 0.95LBS

Power Specification

  • Power Consumption: 46W
  • Universal Input Range: 100 to 240vac
  • Cable Length: 20ft


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AI Prime 16HD Freshwater LED Module