AquaIllumination Prime 16HD Reef LED Module

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Gone are the days of being restricted to a static power output per channel. With the Prime 16HD, power allocation dynamically adapts to each color, effectively redistributing unused power. This groundbreaking feature ensures that your tank experiences the most vibrant and captivating spectrum ever witnessed.

AquaIllumination Prime 16HD Reef


Gone are the days of being confined to a fixed power allocation per channel. With the Prime 16HD, you have the power to dynamically adjust the intensity of each color, effortlessly redistributing power from unused colors. Witness the unparalleled vibrancy of your tank as it embraces the most stunning spectrum ever witnessed.

HD Spectrum Technology

Experience the unmatched versatility of the Prime 16 HD Series, designed to effortlessly create an infinite array of spectral combinations tailored to meet the precise requirements of your tank.

Dedicated Moonlight and Simple Built-in Control

Experience the enchanting illumination of a dedicated moonlight channel, accurately replicating the natural lunar color and intensity. Seamlessly integrated, all AI devices come with smart control as a standard feature. Simply employ the myAI® app on your iOS or Android device to effortlessly configure and program your AI equipment.

Prime 16HD Reef

  • Length: 4.88in. (12.4cm)
  • Width: 4.88in. (12.4cm)
  • Height:  1.34in. (3.4cm)
  • Weight: 0.95lbs. (0.43kg)

Power Specifications

  • Power Consumption:59W at Full Power
  • Universal Input Range: 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Cable Length: 20ft
  • PSU Regulatory Compliance: UL, CE & RoHS

What is the Prime 16HD Reef Box?

  • AI Prime® 16HD Reef
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide


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AquaIllumination Prime 16HD Reef LED Module